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The Desirability Of Sustainable Homes

The Science Of Happiness

Measuring Socially Sustainable Urban Regeneration In Europe

Responsible Property Investment

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FootprintTM, Igloo's Sustainable Investment Policy

Our FootprintTM Policy of Sustainable Investment seeks to ensure all our property developments balance the long-term social, economic and environmental needs of the communities we work in with financial returns for our investors, public and private alike.

IPD Regeneration Index 2009

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Regeneration In A Downturn

Regeneration in a downturn: what needs to change?

Sustainable Investment In Real Estate...Your Fiduciary Duty

Responsible Property Investing: What The Leaders Are Doing

Institutional Investment In Regeneration

A research document commissioned by the IPF and IPFET (with joint funding with BPF, BURA and English Partnerships).

Responsible Property Investing

Footprint approach