Sustainable investment

Our Investment Policy

Igloo is committed to FootprintR, our policy of sustainable investment designed to deliver benefits to our four key stakeholder groups (institutional investors; local community; creative industries; regeneration agencies) by generating economic, environmental, social and financial value in edge of city-centre locations.  You can read about how our projects benefit from the footprint approach here.
Igloo has developed its policy on sustainable investment to cover all of its investment activities. Since 2006, our Sustainable Investment Committee has been advising us and monitoring our progress in the implementation of footprint. This Committee brings together leading figures in the sustainability arena:
  • Jonathon Porritt - Founder/Director of Forum for the Future
  • Anne Power - Professor of Social Policy, London School of Economics
  • Paul King - Chief Executive of the UK Green Building Council
  • Sunand Prasad - Penoyre & Prasad Architects and past president of RIBA
  • Charles Seaford - New Economics Foundation
Charles joined the Committee in March 2012. His work at the New Economics Foundation involves developing measures of social progress and then using these to stimulate new approaches to policy and to service delivery.
Through ground-breaking approaches such as this, Igloo is reshaping the investment landscape for urban regeneration.